November 22, 2008
Run time
Guest starring
Audacity Charles as Barack Obama
AT&T Crystal as Hillary Clinton
AT&T Mike as Joe Biden
Talkany Nerd as Jack Thompson
Chad Warden as himself
James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd
Chris Hansen as himself
Audacity Mike as John McCain
Talkany Whiner as Assassin
Talkany Singing Girl as Newscaster

"Master Chief Meets the Network" is the third episode of season 2.


After a short "previously" segment, the votes of the election are counted and Barack Obama is the winner. Back at the "evil lair," however, the King is enraged that Obama won over John McCain. He asks the Angry Video Game Nerd, Chris Hansen, and Chad Warden for suggestions to no avail. Jack Thompson points out that he tries to be helpful, but the King responds that Thompson has been disbarred (a real life event) and has outlived his usefulness, prompting the King to shoot him. Hillary Clinton appears to make a deal with the other villains. Meanwhile, Cortana arrives with the Arbiter, who she has freed from jail, and they explain the history of the Network to Master Chief. Founded ten years earlier, the Network included many of the series characters, heroes and villains, until a split five years earlier in which the Arbiter, Cortana, and Obama left the group. Cortana explains that the villains are about to attack the White House. Assassins arrive and kill Joe Biden as Hillary confronts Obama. Master Chief protests Obama's sacrifice and the Arbiter and Cortana try to get him to escape with them. Hillary and Obama have their final confrontation, and Hillary kills Obama.


Master Chief Meets the Network

Master Chief Meets the Network



  • With the death of Jack Thompson, all of the original villains from season 1 have died (though two season 2 villains, Tom Cruise and the King, appear at the very end of season 1).

Production notes

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Cortana says the Network split five years earlier. However, the Network actually split in 2005, three years earlier.
  • Though this episode takes place in November 2008, shortly after Obama won the election, he and Biden are apparently already living at the White House. The president is not sworn in until the following January.

Cultural references

  • The song that plays when the King shoots Thompson is "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap; a popular Youtube fad involves playing the song during dramatic shooting-related death scenes inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch which was in turn parodying an OC episode.
  • Jack Thompson was disbarred on September 25, 2008. This is referenced within the episode.