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May 8, 2010
Master Chief Sucks at Everything has been released. The end has come.
May 6, 2010
A trailer for the series finale has been released!
May 3, 2010
A countdown has been posted leading to the series finale date![1]
May 1, 2010
Master Chief Sucks at Ordering: The Chronicle has been released!
April 16, 2010
Master Chief Sucks at Plot Twists has been released!


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Master Chief

Master Chief is the protagonist of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering. A rude, vulgar, and unintelligent SPARTAN soldier, Master Chief was created to be a supersoldier but lost his intelligence during the accelerated aging process. Despite his shortcomings, Master Chief becomes a true hero when he learns of the evil plots of entities such as the King. With the help of friends like the Arbiter and Cortana, Master Chief has consistently put the fate of humanity before himself and will prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice in the final battle.

Featured media

Master Chief season 3 poster 2 The second poster for season 3 of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering. It depicts da Vinci's "The Last Supper" with characters from the series.