December 7, 2007
Run time
Guest starring
Talkany Nerd as Jack Thompson
LH Michelle as Newswoman
Talkany Old Woman as Judge

"Master Chief vs Jack Thompson" is the fourth episode of season 1.


Master Chief watches the news and sees that anti-gaming attorney Jack Thompson has banned Halo 3. Master Chief decides the only way to get the game unbanned is to sneak into the courthouse and retrieve the tape of the proceedings. But when he confronts Thompson, the lawyer reveals he already stole the tape. Confused, Master Chief plays the tape to find a recording of Thompson threatening to take over the world. Thompson chases Master Chief to the police while trying to kill him, but Master Chief manages to throw Thompson to his supposed death. After hearing the tape, the judge unbans Halo 3.


Master Chief vs Jack Thompson

Master Chief vs Jack Thompson



  • First appearance of Jack Thompson.
  • The first episode to feature a movie-based fight scene with the original characters replaced with Master Chief Sucks at Ordering characters.
  • This is the first episode where Miami is hinted to be the home of Master Chief.

Production notes

  • Main character CATS does not appear in this episode.
  • None of the scenes from either trailer are in the final video. However, some of the dialogue from the trailer is used in the final video, something that would be uncommon until season 3.
  • The teaser trailer for this episode is longer than the actual trailer.

Cultural references

  • Thompson says he will "train on the game Doom," a reference to Thompson's allegations that the Columbine shooters trained with Doom.
  • Master Chief sneaks into the courthouse while the Mission: Impossible theme plays.