Meet the Ancients
July 10, 2009
Run time
Guest starring
Talkany Little Man as Steve Jobs
Talkany Whiner as Businessman

"Meet the Ancients Episode 2: Steve Jobs" is the second episode of Meet the Ancients.


Steve Jobs welcomes everyone to the MacWorld conference, then unveils the iCondom, a condom that can play music. Though he gets laughs for jokes about playing "The Final Countdown" while having sex and listening to the Jonas Brothers while "being gay," the audience is unamused when he nearly makes a Michael Jackson joke about "touching little boys." Jobs then reveals the iGame (merely an Apple-branded Xbox 360). He shows off two iGame exclusive titles: Monopoly The Video Game (which is about Microsoft and not the board game) and the Megan Fox Sex Simulator (which causes the male audience to start cheering). Jobs reveals the iGame's retail price of $1000 (a businessman says having sex with Megan Fox is worth every penny) and then meets Ronald McDonald, who recruits him.


Meet the Ancients Episode 2 Steve Jobs

Meet the Ancients Episode 2 Steve Jobs



Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Steve Jobs almost makes a joke about Michael Jackson, who died a few weeks before this episode aired. However, this scene took place in January 2009, five months before Jackson died. It is possible that Jobs chose not to say the joke out of respect for Jackson as a person, regardless of whether he was dead or alive at the time. Additionally, as some historical events happened differently in the series than they did in real life, it is also possible Jackson died earlier in the series' universe than in the real world.

Cultural references

  • The iGame is based on real persistant rumors about an Apple gaming console.