Meet the Ancients
July 24, 2009
Run time
Guest starring
LH Michael as Bill Gates
Talkany Whiner as Businessman

"Meet the Ancients Episode 3: Bill Gates" is the third episode of Meet the Ancients.


Bill Gates holds a conference to reveal his own products after his "unnamed competitor" recently held his own. The first product he reveals is the Windows 9 operating system; Windows 8 was skipped because Microsoft used their influence to remove the number 8 from existance. After the businessman from the previous episode criticizes this idea, Gates has him removed on charges of being an "Apple plant" simply because the man owns an iPod. Gates then unveils that he is constructing a functional Halo ring (claimed to be the most revolutionary product since rap music and Power Rangers), which will not be completed until 2020. Ronald McDonald then reveals to Gates that Master Chief is a real person, and lies to him by saying Master Chief is trying to destroy the world. Though Gates initially refuses to join the team when he hears Steve Jobs is one of the members, Ronald lures him in with promises of lucrative futuristic technology.


Meet the Ancients Episode 3 Bill Gates

Meet the Ancients Episode 3 Bill Gates



Episode references

  • The businessman who questions Gates is the same one from the previous episode who questioned Steve Jobs. ("Meet the Ancients")