Season 2 of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering began on September 1, 2008 and concluded on May 15, 2009 with a two-part episode. The season contained 12 episodes, as well as a two-part movie that is not counted as an episode.


# Title Airdate
1 "Master Chief Sucks at Escaping Prison" September 1, 2008
Master Chief tells viewers how to survive in prison as he tries to escape the King's prison himself. The Arbiter chooses to stay behind and gather intelligence as Master Chief escapes.
- "Master Chief: The Movie (Parts 1 & 2)" October 3, 2008
In a two-part one year anniversary movie, Master Chief's origin and early days in the military with the Arbiter are explored.
2 "Master Chief Sucks at Voting" November 4, 2008
Master Chief instructs viewers on registering and voting on election day. When he can't decide between John McCain and Barack Obama, the two candidates have a fight to the death.
3 "Master Chief Meets the Network" November 22, 2008
When the Arbiter returns with Cortana, they tell Master Chief about the Network, the King's shadow government group. Hillary Clinton assassinates Obama to take control herself.
4 "Master Chief vs the Superweapon" January 17, 2009
Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana discover the King's superweapon and learn it is actually a portal. Master Chief and the Arbiter are defeated by Hillary, but Cortana chases her off.
5 "Master Chief Sucks at Time Travel" February 13, 2009
The Arbiter and Cortana go through the portal and find the Ark. Master Chief enters on the wrong bearing and starts time travelling, accidentally causing many of the major events in the series.
6 "Master Chief Sucks at Constants" February 27, 2009
Master Chief continues time travelling and causing predestination paradoxes. Eventually, he uses the Arbiter and Cortana as "constants" to return to the current time period.
7 "Master Chief Sucks at Super Smash Bros." March 10, 2009
The King challenges Master Chief to a game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl to gamble for his freedom.
8 "Master Chief Sucks at Computers" March 23, 2009
Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana break into the Ark's main computer and discover the King intends to fire a laser from the structure. Sergeant Johnson threatens to break in and kill the King's forces if he does not surrender.
9 "Master Chief vs Hillary Clinton" April 20, 2009
Hillary holds the King hostage and begins rerouting the laser for her own purposes. After being chased off by Master Chief and the Arbiter, she duels Cortana for the final time and is killed.
10 "Master Chief Sucks at Remakes 2" May 8, 2009
In a remake of the second episode, Master Chief teaches viewers about ordering food from traditional sit-down restaurants.
11 "Master Chief: The Second Finale (Part 1)" May 15, 2009
In part 1 of the season finale, Master Chief and the Arbiter confront and duel the King while Cortana attempts to shut down the Ark's laser.
12 "Master Chief: The Second Finale (Part 2)" May 15, 2009
In part 2 of the season finale, Master Chief fights the King one-on-one. The King reveals he has good intentions and is trying to stop the Ancients, but Cortana's disabling of the laser allows them to destroy the Ark. Cortana is presumed dead and Master Chief and the Arbiter are sent to the future.


Season 2 was confirmed shortly before the first season ended. The major focus for the season was expanding the serious, dramatic plotline introduced in the final episode of season 1. Season 2 is much more story-oriented than the first season; even traditional instructional episodes like "Master Chief Sucks at Voting" still have storyline relevance. A major turn in the series' quality occurred in December 2008 when the professional video editing program Sony Vegas replaced the freeware Windows Movie Maker as the software of choice for episode production. Advancements allowed by Vegas included music playing over dialogue scenes, more professional zooms and cuts, and most importantly, head-tracking, allowing for character faces to be pasted over the faces of actors from famous fight scenes, a technique used for the still image fight scenes in season 1. "Master Chief vs the Superweapon" was the first episode produced with Vegas and the first to demonstrate these changes. The more complex storyline caused UltraHyperShadow to develop the Master Chief Sucks at Ordering Wiki shortly before the season premiered. Season 2 was originally intended to be 10 episodes long, like season 1; this order was expanded to 12 episodes in February 2009.

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