Season 3 of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering began on September 9, 2009 and concluded on May 8, 2010 with the three-part series finale. This season concluded the Master Chief Sucks at Ordering saga. The season contained 13 episodes. There is a recap before the season premiere and another before the series finale that are not counted as episodes.


# Title Airdate
- "Master Chief Sucks at Recaps" August 21, 2009
The series so far is recapped for viewers.
1 "Master Chief Sucks at Ordering Burger King" September 9, 2009
Master Chief and the Arbiter try to stop the Ancients. The King and Johnson appear in the distant past and battle Ronald.
2 "Master Chief Meets Guilty Spark" September 25, 2009
Master Chief and the Arbiter reluctantly trust 343 Guilty Spark after he time travels to give a message to the King and Johnson. The King brings Johnson to Ronald, who he says can help them get back to the future.
3 "Master Chief Sucks at Shopping" October 14, 2009
Master Chief and the Arbiter go shopping at Walmart for weapons and learn from Guilty Spark that Cortana can be rebooted onboard the Halo ring. The King and Johnson enlist the help of past-Ronald.
4 "Master Chief Sucks at Rescue Missions" November 6, 2009
Master Chief and the Arbiter rescue Cortana from Jack Thompson before reuniting with the King and Johnson and having a shootout with the Ancients on the Halo. Ronald then activates the ring at 99% charge.
5 "Master Chief vs the Halo" January 15, 2010
Master Chief and the heroes shut down the Halo ring after it begins collapsing from the premature firing. Badly wounded, Ronald again activates it at 100% charge.
6 "Master Chief Rocks at Ordering McDonalds" February 1, 2010
In an alternate timeline, Master Chief teaches viewers how to order food at McDonalds again. The King demands that Ronald reset the original timeline.
7 "Master Chief Rocks at Ordering at Restaurants" February 17, 2010
Master Chief teaches viewers how to order at restaurants in the alternate timeline. The King reveals Ronald's motives for creating the timeline and makes a deal with him.
8 "Master Chief Sucks at Alternate Timelines" March 3, 2010
Ronald gets the coordinates to UNSC Building 69 from Master Chief and resets the timelines. The King explains Ronald's plan to download a superpowerful AI program and that the user is destined to destroy Master Chief.
9 "Master Chief: The Secret Origin of the King" March 15, 2010
As Master Chief and his allies flee, the King has flashbacks to his past conflicts with Ronald. In the present, Ronald and his minions fatally wound the King, with Ronald delivering the killing blow. Ronald then destroys the Halo.
10 "Master Chief Sucks at Plot Twists" April 16, 2010
Master Chief and his allies arrive at Building 69, only to find the King has survived, is an AI, and has downloaded the program. The King kills Ronald and Johnson and the heroes are forced to flee. CATS then appears to help them.
- "Master Chief Sucks at Ordering: The Chronicle" May 1, 2010
Master Chief recaps season 3 and looks back at classic moments from the series.
11 "Master Chief Sucks at Everything (Part 1)" May 8, 2010
Master Chief goes to find the Voice, and Cortana is killed in the process, but not before giving him important information. Encouraged by his deceased friends and former enemies, Master Chief prepares to fight the final battle.
12 "Master Chief Sucks at Everything (Part 2)" May 8, 2010
Master Chief fights an epic duel with the King for the fate of his friends, his universe, and the world of his viewers.
13 "Master Chief Sucks at Everything (Part 3)" May 8, 2010
Master Chief allows himself to be destroyed so the King fulfills his destiny, killing him as well. The Voice brings Master Chief back to life, but he refuses to return to the fictional world, and instead departs for the real one.


The idea of concluding the series after three seasons was decided before the first season ended. 13 episodes were initially announced, then 11, before 12 was settled upon as the final number, like season 2. However, in September, this number was reverted to 13. The idea of creating a recap shortly after season 2 concluded was intended for viewers who were confused by the complicated, time travel-heavy plotline, but was pushed back to the end of the summer because of Meet the Ancients. There will be no fourth season, and the plotline of Master Chief Sucks at Ordering will be entirely concluded by the end of the season.

Series finaleEdit

The series ended in May 2010 with a three-part finale titled "Master Chief Sucks at Everything."[1] Another recap episode, covering the events of season 3, was released shortly before the finale. The ending of the series was conceived as far back as the ending of season 1 in May 2008. The final fight scene was finished on July 18, 2009. On October 3, 2009 (the series two year anniversary), UltraHyperShadow announced that he had both completed the final episode of the series, and that anyone who subscribed to his channel before May 1, 2010 would get their name in a special section of the finale's credits. He also posted a tentative schedule for the rest of the season.[2]

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