Zombamazomba, also known as Zomba, is a user on Youtube who created one of the two most popular Master Chief Sucks video series, the other being Master Chief Sucks at Ordering. Zombamazomba's videos are purely comedic, unlike Master Chief Sucks at Ordering's convuluted and sometimes dramatic plot, but Zomba's videos have occasionally had connected plotlines. In addition to his main series, which stars Master Chief, his son Sam (who cameoed in "Master Chief Sucks at Time Travel"), and Cortana, Master Chief's wife, Zomba also creates a popular spinoff series called "Master Chief Sucks at Fanmail," where actual viewers send in fanmail for Master Chief to read and answer in humerous ways. Zombamazomba's videos can be found on his blog and Youtube profile.

On two occasions, Zomba's videos have been delayed for several months. The first, a hard drive crash in September 2008, delayed his videos to December. The second, a virus in May 2009, postponed his series for months until he finally returned in November.

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